Michael gets my vote…

Michael represented us as a last minute decision given our last minute find of a house that was around the corner from us. Although we thought we had the right house, Michael encouraged us to take a look at some others and happily took the time to find comps to make sure we had in fact made the right choice. 

Although we weren’t a lot of work aside from what I am guessing are the normal questions for those of us not in real estate which Michael made himself available for even after hours and weekends.

In our situation, the agent representing the owner was less than professional and Michael fronted the entire entire conversation. I wont go into details here but I can say my hat is off to Michael for keeping the negative aspects of the business away from our purchase so we could stay focused on the prize.

I simply cant say enough good things about Michael, his attention to detail, knowledge and availability.

I don’t usually recommend people however, in the real estate business its hard to know if you are going to pick a winner or not so Michael gets my vote.

— Robert Lauer, Buyer